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Food & Agriculture
AgFunder is a food and agriculture fund manager, leveraging its Platform-VC model to serve as a thought leader in both areas.
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Agfunder is a venture equity investment platform, providing access to early- and growth-stage investment opportunities in the agriculture and food spaces. As a pioneer of the “Platform-VC” model, the Firm has used media, research, and strategic partnerships to build out a global ecosystem of over 75,000 members and subscribers, including over 5,000 investors. AgFunder consists of several special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and co-investment funds, giving investors the opportunity to co-invest with the Firm and established venture investors such as Felicis Ventures, True Ventures, and Greycroft, among others.

The Firm’s position as a global leader in its industry segment and its ecosystem of investors, industry experts, and entrepreneurs have together provided AgFunder with a strong pipeline of inbound opportunities. These potential investments are vetted using proprietary AI and machine learning techniques. The firm also has its own platform, known as Gaia, that leverages the AgFunder’s database of startups to scour millions of pages on the internet and identify new opportunities. As the firm’s pipeline has grown, it has also begun opening new, specialized funds outside of its flagship fund – prior offerings have focused on proteins that “may make animals obsolete” and the other on growth opportunities in Asia’s food and agtech space.

While AgFunder does not explicitly limit access to non-accredited investors, its minimum investment size of $25,000 is likely to be prohibitive for anyone but high-net-worth individuals. It also uses a fund structure, unlike FarmTogether (link to review) and FarmFundr (link to review), which both list investment opportunities individually. That said, for those who have the capital, the Firm is a clear leader in agriculture investments, providing access to deals that are in line with those seen by well-known venture capital managers.


  • The site provides access to high-profile deals in the agriculture and food spaces that are typically limited to well-known venture capital firms
  • AgFunder offers strong inbound and outbound sourcing through its ecosystem and Gaia, both of which are supplemented by a proprietary model for vetting deal flow.
  • The platform has a separate news site for those interested in the space, as well as high-quality research available to investors.


  • The site’s high minimum investment limits access to high-net-worth individuals and might make it challenging to achieve meaningful diversification for some.
  • The fund structure used by AgFunder prevents one from taking concentrated positions in individual companies