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Mythic Markets

Mythic Markets is a fandom investment site, letting investors buy shares in trading cards, comics, and more.
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Mythic Markets is an investment platform for collectibles, with a particular focus on fandom. Eschewing the full-service, high-culture approach favored by Rally Rd and Otis, Mythic is unabashedly focused on servicing self-proclaimed geeks. Offerings on the site run the gamut – everything from Marvel comics to Magic the Gathering cards – but are united in providing close-knit communities with the opportunity to invest in the things they love and know better than anybody else. Unlike others, it also provides these offerings while charging no fee.

Today’s alternative investment landscape is littered with sites looking to take advantage of what we have termed “the securitization of everything.” Investors can now access partial shares of large investments in tangible assets – things such as art, cars, farmland, real estate, and precious metals – with most of the sites making this form of investment possible listed under the label “Assets'' for reviews and on our Compare Investment Platforms page. This capability has been most pronounced within the art and collectibles space, which is seeing a rapid influx of new opportunities and sites. Rally Rd was the first major site with offerings across this space, focusing on high-end cars and watches before building out offerings in sports memorabilia, trading cards, comics, and literature. Other players now include a competing full-service offering in Otis (which lists sneakers, comics, and high-end art) and specialists in Vinovest (wine) and Masterworks (blue-chip artwork).

Mythic Markets’ uniqueness within the art and collectibles segment stems from the fact that its competitors have adopted high-culture facades in order to attract more sophisticated investors, enhancing the perceived quality of offerings for those who have yet to sign up. Rather than keep its eyes upstream, Mythic has focused on a smaller base with less delicacy but more pronounced convictions. Seasoned Magic the Gathering players can talk for hours about the history behind the Black Lotus card, but can seldom afford the six-figure investment. Similar observations hold for avid fans of Marvel comics or Pokemon cards. By offering such items through Regulation A, Mythic lets these aficionados obtain a direct stake in a real asset they care about.

As of now, Mythic’s second primary selling point is its absence of any kind of fee. The same holds for Rally Rd. but stands in stark contrast to the 10% for sourcing and 10% on profits that Otis charges. Additionally, the site does not yet offer any kind of secondary trading, which has become a key feature on both the Rally Rd and Masterworks platforms. That said, the site is quite young and less than a year removed from launch. With its novel focus on fandom, the Mythic Markets has its value proposition – it remains to be seen how it fares with respect to execution.


  • The site has targeted an engaged set of communities with close ties to the assets that are to be offered.
  • There is a significant opportunity here for stigma arbitrage, buying and listing items deemed too low-brow for Rally Rd or Otis that have clear value to fans.
  • Collectible listings are migrating away from eBay and toward these sites, providing meaningful tailwinds for the business.


  • Mythic is a new offering and is still building out its marketplace.
  • Offerings such as cards and memorabilia consume much less capital than the cars and high-end art listed on Rally Rd and Otis. It remains to be seen whether the market for fandom-based offerings is large enough to support a platform such as Mythic.